Interesting facts

10 interesting facts about the Erskine Bridge:

1. On 19th September 1990, Oliver Erskine Edwards was born on the Erskine Bridge. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, a second baby, Kiera Sarah-Marie McFettridge, was born in an ambulance on the Bridge on 18th January 2011!

2. The Bridge connects with the M898 Motorway, the shortest motorway in Britain.

3. On 4th August 1996, the Erskine Bridge was damaged when the Texaco Captain platform collided with the Bridge whilst being towed beneath it. This cause £3.6 million of damage and £700,000 loss in revenue from tolls whilst the Bridge was closed.

4. 35,000 vehicles cross the Bridge every day.

5. Until 2006, the Erskine Bridge was a toll bridge.

6. As well as normal SOS phones, there are telephone boxes with Samaritans adverts due to the high number of suicide attempts on the Bridge.

Night view from the Erskine Bridge.

7. The Bridge was opened by H.R.H. Princess Anne on 2nd July 1971.

8. The design of the bridge was revised during construction, due to a major collapse of the West Gate Bridge in Australia, of a similar design.

9. The Bridge is 33 metres wide.

10. The road is 125 feet above the River Clyde.

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